2021 – SCNZ Young Achiever of the Year – Finalist Louis Sundar

Louis Sundar’s contribution to Black Steel Mobile Ltd goes beyond the excellent work he does; it’s his attitude which fully embodies the company’s values, that significantly impacts our entire team.

Louis, despite living with cerebral palsy which affects the use of his legs, is courageous with a give-it-a-go attitude that is infectious. He never backs away from a challenge. His characteristically positive attitude and drive led him to apply for, then take ownership of, a role at Black Steel Mobile earning his way to an apprenticeship. Within a short time, Louis’s skillset had grown to a point where he was taking the lead on the majority of our Group Housing steel projects, a sector that demands precision and works to strict time deadlines.

Louis leads by example with a spotless Health and Safety record and is impeccably reliable in terms of attendance and punctuality. He loves steel fabrication and does everything with a positive attitude that we all find contagious and inspiring.

His positive attitude makes Louis the perfect first point of contact for new starts. We believe it’s vital that new employees, especially those who are starting at the bottom of the trade, have a positive introduction to the company and the profession. Louis is the ideal person for this, it’s a role he fills naturally and ably.

Louis gives freely of his time and acquired knowledge, patiently helping with the orientation of new team members and carefully explaining aspects of the company and tasks that are new to these starters. 

2021 has been a standout year for Louis as he’s been doubling down on the educational requirements in his final year as an apprentice. Starting as a low-skill fabricator, and having since proven to be a solid apprentice, he’s has shown that, when the time comes, he’ll be a fine mentor and trainer for others.