Architectural Steel


Architectural Steel Fabrication

As designer homes and home features become more popular, so is the need to find a structural steel fabricator who can handle architectural steelwork that is often highly detailed and complex.

Black Steel specialise in providing all aspects of structural and architectural steel fabrication, supply and installation.  This includes technically demanding architectural and sculptural projects such as:

  • One-off architectural residential and light commercial designs,
  • Steel building façade features,
  • Stairwells and staircases,
  • Gates and entrance ways,
  • Balustrades, railings and screens,
  • Irregular rooflines,
  • Corten steel decorative designs,
  • Sculptural features.

Working With Architectural Steel

Architectural steel – unique features and designs created for architecturally designed properties – is becoming increasingly common.

Before commencing any bespoke building project, contact the team at Black Steel.  Let us view your plans, and we’ll give advice and a no obligation quotation to complete your architectural steel project – we see it as our job to bring to life the vision you have for your residential or light commercial property.

“Quality and good value are at the core of everything we do.”

– Fatu Fuatavai, Managing Director, Black Steel Mobile