At the top of our list of company commitments is safety.  At Black Steel Ltd, our safety success is achieved through the integrity of our company safety systems and the strength of our safety culture. When people join Black Steel or partner with our business, we provide training to ensure all staff understand our uncompromising approach to safety and meet the high safety standards we set.

A Good Day is a Safe Day

The safety culture at Black Steel is an integral part of our work and our approach to achieving great results for our clients.

We go to great lengths to support the safe practices of our customers, our staff members and our fellow contractors.

A comprehensive safety policy is complemented by our many focus points which include:

  • Membership of Site Safe New Zealand
  • Advanced, Construction and Contractor Management Site Safe passports
  • A fulltime, qualified Health and Safety Representative
  • International Welding Inspector (B) on staff
  • Fully documented Competency Register
  • Pre-start site-specific safety planning on every project
  • Regular tagging and testing of all electrical tools and leads, ladders, chains and rigging by industry leading professionals (including LecSafe Ltd, Bindon Ladder Services, and Chain & Rigging Supplies).
  • Membership of HazardCo for industry-specific health and safety resources
  • Our whole team gets together at least once every month for a meeting dedicated solely to safety issues.

“Quality and good value are at the core of everything we do.”

– Fatu Fuatavai, Managing Director, Black Steel Mobile