Custom Metal Fabrication

Black Steel specialises in high quality metal fabrication services.  With over 25 years of experience and metal fabrication expertise, our workshop was originally established to manufacture structural steel beams and products for residential and light commercial construction, and earthquake strengthening projects.

While we still specialise in structural steel fabrication, we also manufacture and install most types of structural and sheet metal fabrication, including architectural work and one-off designs.

Structural Steel Beam Fabrication

Our structural steel fabrication service can provide your project with:

  • Structural steel beams, columns and channels,
  • Structural steel for residential and light commercial portals and structures,
  • Custom doors, stairs, hand rails, gates, and features,
  • Structural steel for all building applications including lintels, t-bars and posts for pergolas and carports,
  • Structural steel for residential and light commercial applications.

We offer the following services:

  • On site job measuring and manufacture (if required),
  • Supply & fabrication of structural steelwork,
  • Custom metal fabrication,
  • Hiab delivery,
  • Full site installation with qualified tradespeople.

Architectural Residential Steel Fabrication

These days, many architectural homes are designed with one-off steel features. Our custom manufacturing workshop specialises in bringing those unique steel designs to reality.

Common one-off steel fabrication projects include:

  • Steel fabrication – frames and supports,
  • Structural Steel – house beams, flitch plates, posts, platforms,
  • Spiral staircases and handrails,
  • Bollards – fixed or removable,
  • Decorative metal pieces and sculptural pieces,
  • Corten steel – weathered steel,
  • Wire racking, metal shelving, etc.

“Quality and good value are at the core of everything we do.”

– Fatu Fuatavai, Managing Director, Black Steel Mobile