North Road, Clevedon

We were approached by Ross Faulkner to price the structural Steel for an exceptional project in Clevedon as he was confident in our ability to provide steelwork up to the required specification and tolerances.

The scope called for the finish of all members to be that of an internal handrail, ends to be cut and ground smooth and then lightly sanded. All branding on the steel to be treated similar.

Surface protection was to be grit blasted and epoxy coated to provide durability for outside protection. There were covered walkways and also carport areas with a circular feature at the centre. Due to the size of the project and the design requiring most connections to be welded together instead of bolts it needed a large amount of time on site welding the components together and then all connections to be blasted and touched up accordingly.

The end result was a stunning feature that met the clients expectations and it was a pleasure to be part of a project of this calibre.