Auckland Today, a magazine about Auckland business, often highlights businesses who are making an impact on Auckland’s economy and landscape.  In the article below, Auckland Today interviews Black Steel Managing Director, Tony Black, about the history of Black Steel and the future of the company. Since this article was written, Black Steel Mobile has become part of the Black Steel Group.


Black Steel Mobile are Auckland’s house beam specialists. They specialise in the on-site fabrication of residential structural steel beams, and Tony Black established the company after a lifetime of experience in the field.

Deciding to put his own knowledge of the industry to the test, Mr Black entered the market starting out as a one-man-band with one van.

From those humble beginnings, the company has grown exponentially since its first days and quickly has become a force to be recognised.

“Due to our reputation of great service, realistic pricing and great staff we picked up more and more work,” Mr Black says.

Centrally located in 1044 sq m premises, Black Steel Mobile’s fully comprehensive workshop offers you the best in structural steel fabrication. They can take care of any galvanising, metal spraying, grit blasting and steel rolling requirements.

While most of the residential work is fabricated on site, some of the more intricate and complex jobs are completed in the workshop. This is complemented with their in-house detailing service.

The company’s fleet of fully self-contained mobile workshops covers the whole Auckland area, usually from Whangaparaoa to Bombay and Titirangi to Eastern Beach.

Black Steel Mobile does the site measurement at the same time as the fabrication. This means jobs are faster, smoother and more cost-effective. This highly effective on-site operation also reduces the likelihood of variations.

While the company is Auckland-based, it is willing to travel to complete jobs, and Mr Black says on many occasions workers can be spread in all corners of the city and beyond.

Black Steel Mobile can offer the best of everything to do with structural steel fabrication.

Speed, prices, efficiency and a friendly customer service are hallmarks of Black Steel Mobile’s business outlook. The company is proficient and service oriented, owner Tony Black says.

All of the staff are highly knowledgeable, friendly people and the company is committed to keeping up with new developments in equipment and technology.

“When someone phones us they can easily talk to somebody that can help them with almost any enquiry.”

“The Workshop Manager is a steel fabricator of 20 years’ experience and is another key part of Black Steel Mobiles team.”

To back up the skill and experience of its employees, Black Steel Mobile has invested in fully computerised systems to keep track of clients, jobs and quotes. In fact, all of the day-to-day running of the company is computerised and streamlined, enabling us to better manage over 600 clients that they have on file. They can access any quote for any job in about 30 seconds, giving rapid confirmation on delivery dates.

This also gives them an edge over competitors and minimises the risk of losing valuable customers, contacts and job information.

But it’s not only internal technology that has changed. Black Steel Mobile has had to keep up with developments in machinery and building processes.

“Technology has changed since I started out in the steel fabrication business, so the equipment has too. Efficiency can only be achieved through having the best available equipment and this is something I am always looking at.”

“It’s an on-going thing, but if you don’t have the latest and greatest you’re second, and there are no prizes for second.”

Business practice is another area the company strives to excel at:

Black Steel Mobile has focused on sound business practice. After seeing the weaknesses of other companies, Tony Black has been focused in his desire not to emulate them.

“We believe that the unique systems that we have put in place from quoting through to invoicing give us another advantage in the marketplace.”

Black Steel Mobile Ltd is a progressive company, and Mr Black says given the company’s track record of success, he will continue to look at opportunities to expand.

Mr Black says this proposed expansion has the possibility of taking the business anywhere – throughout New Zealand and overseas.

“I believe that if BSM Ltd is not the best engineering company around then we eventually will be. Excellence in Mobile Steel Fabrication? Definitely!”

“Quality and good value are at the core of everything we do.”

– Tony Black, Managing Director, Black Steel Mobile